Professional Dog Training

Whether you have a puppy at home or a full-grown best friend, we can help you solve some common behavior issues using proven training techniques. It’s all about helping your dog understand what acceptable and unacceptable behaviors are. You will start by training your dog to ignore distractions while on walks, obediently follow your commands, and learn the independence and courage needed to help both you and them become a little happier together.

Learn About Force-Free Reward Based Dog Training

At All Dogs Resort, LLC, we offer private training services, day training as well as board and train options for you and your pup. Our professional trainers will work with you to train your dog to become more attentive to your wants and commands. During training, you will focus on force-free reward based methods so you can leave your pain collar, shake cans, and alpha rolls at home. Instead, we’ll use treats and physical or verbal affection to reward your pup on a job well done!

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All Dogs Resort LLC

About Us: All Dogs Resort is a new kind of pet care facility serving Temple, Belton, and surrounding Central Texas communities. We offer dog boarding, daycare, training, grooming, and in-home pet sitting all in a unique environment. As an alternative to the traditional dog kennel, we have created a safe and fun environment where your dog can romp with friends, or lounge in the own individual yard, sleep in a home-like dog cottage, all under the watchful eyes of our knowledgeable and attentive staff.

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